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    Help window stays on top.

      I need to know how to make the htmlhelp call in MFC CWnd class from forcing the help window to the top. In RoboHelp HTML we tried compiling Help with Advanced Windows Properties - Extended Styles - Top-most Window checked and not-checked. In both cases, the Help window stays on top when we view Help from our program. Our users want to be able to reference the program and help interchangeably.

      Any suggestions?
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          I think the user needs to minimize the help window to get back to the application. According to the Microsoft help on HTML Help, the "owned window" (Help viewer) always stays on top of its calling window. I know there are hoops one can jump through to create "modeless" dialogs in MFC so there may be a way a developer can tweak the help call but I'm not aware of any.

          A way to get the app and help side by side with equal windows that can trade focus is to call the help from Windows, so that it is not called by the program. Then the two programs can coexist on the screen without the help always being on top.