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    "Object LayerMode[Node]" appears in layers window and everything stops working?

    Thea Myers

      I'm not sure what's happened here, but my file suddenly has a red "x" in the top left corner, and my layers window also has the same "x" and the label "Object LayerMode[Node]".  Additionally, I can't seem to edit any components anymore, run the project, modify the artboard size, view properties for any component, etc. etc. 


      WTF?  Is there anything I can do about this?

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hello Thea,


          The first thing I'd do in a situation like this is save a copy (don't save as your original file in case something went wrong), close and restart Catalyst. Here are a couple questions:


          1. Do you get the same result if you restart Catalyst and open your .fxp?

          2. What happens if you try to preview in a web browser, or publish, you project?

          3. What does your project consist of?


          If you don't mind posting your project to a public location, I can take a look at it as well.



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            Thea Myers Level 1

            Hi Bear,


            Thanks for this, sorry for the delayed reply.  Client isn't happy with me posting the file, but luckily I had a recent backup to revert to which did NOT have this issue so I could carry on with that. 


            FYI, yes, I got the same result from re-launching Catalyst.  Previewing in a browser or publishing the project resulted in nothing happening (I'd select the option from the menu and nothing would happen, but there would be no error either. Same result for trying other menu functions such as 'resize artboard' or similar.)  The project was about 6 pages with no transitions (other than click throughs), form elements on most pages and custom components for switching between disabled/enabled button states, progressively-disclosed further questions, etc.  Happy to give you more info if you like, for troubleshooting.


            Now that I've used the product for awhile in my Usability consultant & interaction designer capacity, I also wanted to give you some feedback, some of which you may already know


            - It would be great to be able to move/minimise/close some of the panels that show by default. for example, the 'timelines/transitions' window takes up a lot of screen real estate and I couldn't find a way to get rid of this even though I wasn't using it.

            - an export to PDF function (showing all pages/states) would also be really useful

            - I had a consistent bug where if I altered the appearance of a standard widget (radio button or button), the 'Label' element would stop working in some states and just revert to "Label."   This was the case even if I went back into the element and specifically converted the text to the 'label' element again on those states where it wasn't working.

            - Also, if I edit the appearance of a button, it no longer grows/shrinks with the label length.  (eg. go in and add a 5 pixel stroke, and suddenly the button stayed the same width no matter how long the label was.)

            - Why no drop down menus?  Annoying.

            - copy + pasting an element with interactions seems to clear the interactions and you have to re-enter them every time.  So if you're, say, adding a button that goes back to the homepage on every page, you have to specify 'play transition to home' 'in any state' every single time you paste.  This seems to be the case no matter what, even if you do something like 'make same in all states.' Maybe this was also a bug?  In any case, didn't work how I expected it to.

            - Probably something I need to get used to, but in general I was a bit confused about the difference between editing something locally and editing it so that every time I used the element it would look like that...


            Overall though very nice product, much easier for rapid prototyping than Flash.  Looking forward to using it when it's more stable!

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              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

              Hi Thea,


              Thanks for your feedback. I have some responses for some of the bullet points, but of course, many of the others are more complex and I'll have to look into them further.


              - The convert to PDF functionality sounds interesting. We love hearing ideas from our customers, and there is a link at the top of the forums where you can actually suggest new features for Catalyst (it's the "Ideas" link).

              - We are aware of the valuable screen real estate issue. You can minimize the timelines panel by double clicking it, and you can resize the right panels by dragging on the border. This is a far cry from complete panel customization, but it may be helpful for you.

              - When you modify a wireframe component's appearance, you create a custom "skin" or visual appearance for it. The visual appearance for that wireframe component is fixed (including size), and can only be modified through edit in place.

              - When you copy and paste a component, you create a new instance from the component definition. It's almost like dragging out a new custom component from the library. This means that any interactions applied to that instance won't be copied along with the actual component. One way to get around this is to create a custom component, with the interactions defined within the custom component. For example, create a custom component containing a button, and add interactions to the button. If you copy-paste the custom component, the interactions are still part of the custom component.