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    goodbye AIR. Hello Titanium.

    gaurav_ch Level 1



      I was making an air app using Javascript and I am getting frustrated with the bias attitude of Adobe. They are promoting the Flash Platform only with lot of tutorials for Flex+AIR or Flash+AIR.


      The frustrating part for me is that they have such great functionality buit into flash player but being a JS developer I cannot use it due to lack of documentation. I did not know the deep apis for flash player till an angel helped me (check this post http://forums.adobe.com/thread/591676?tstart=0) by telling me that I can still have access to the flash apis in javascript. No code hinting in DW for runtIme.blah.blah.blah.I don't know actionscript 3 and I don't intend to as it has a huge learning curve and my clients will not wait for me to learn it.


      If the js developers can use the flash apis then why is there no version for them which explains the use using examples? Man this is frustrating. This means that Adobe is going the Microsoft ways. They want people to convert to Flash and use only Flash.


      I admired Adobe for their products. But slowly I have started to dislike them for their choices.


      Goodbye AIR. Hello Titanium.