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    Histograms in Match Color




      As we all know, the Match Color utility was a great addition to the Photoshop series. But it does lack an important feature. When I have two images, [1] and [2], and I choose one image [1] to match color to, it copies colors that I see to the [2] image, but it does not preserve the brighness of the [2] image. In very most cases I want to preserve the brightness, so:


      the Match Color screen should look like this: on the right half, the [1] image (or layer) preview, and under it, the histogram. On the left half, the [2] image (or layer) preview and its histogram. There should be the selection tool at the [1] source image screen half. Corresponding to what parts of the source image I choose, the histogram value should change, until the histogram of the selection will look like the histogram of the [2] image. Then I press the OK button and for the final image I get one with colors matched and brightness preserved.


      Very useful for ones using the Match Color option intensely.

      Thank you.