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    Program Monitor - I'm not seeing whole clip when playing back

    Doreen-UK Level 1

      I'm real worried!  Having spent days of my life importing video and editing it - and then trying to fix my problem of only seeing a part of the playing-back clip in the program monitor which led me onto your site.  I've spent hours looking at your posts (and indeed Adobe help pages) trying to solve this and clearly (I think!) my original sequence settings have been wrong.  Maybe I can come back to that because I'm really not sure how to set these correctly.  My initial question please, if I complete my editing and then export this file, will I still only see part of the clips in the final version, or will I see the whole of the original movie clip?


      Some information:

      - Windows 7

      - Premiere Pro CS4

      - Program Monitor setting is "Fit"

      - 16:9 aspect ratio

      - PAL (based in the UK)

      - Sony HD camcorder - SR12E

      - 1920 x 1080i HD


      Phew, hope that's enough information for you to 'kick start' me!


      Thank you.

      Regards, Doreen.