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    how to localize label values of ApplicationUpdaterDialogs

    what mean

         I have tried two ways,but none has effect

         I wrote the following code in the update description file
               <text xml:lang="zh">titleWindow:"更新",btnCheck:"检查"</text>
               <text xml:lang="en">titleWindow:"update",btnCheck:"check"</text>


                <text xml:lang="zh">titleWindow="更新",btnCheck="检查"</text>
                <text xml:lang="en">titleWindow="update",btnCheck="check"</text>

         what exactly should i write between <text xml:lang="zh"> and </text>.

         I read from doc

         (Flex developers            can directly add a new language to the "ApplicationUpdaterDialogs"            resource bundle.)

         Is this the correct way to config the "ApplicationUpdaterDialogs"            resource bundle?