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    ASP.NET server type moduleloader error


      Hello Everyone!


      I have got a problem, and i can't find the sollution.


      I have got a Flex project with ASP.NET application server type. I have  create a module in a subdirectory (src/Archive/Archive.mxml)

      I have created a module loader in the main application what is located in the src directory. (<mx:ModuleLoader url="Archive\Archive.swf" width="100%" height="100%"/>) If I start the application nothing happens, the module does not appear..

      If I put a module in the src folder next to the main application, everything works fine.


      I have created the same architecture in a new Flex project with "None" server type, and the moduleloader loads the module from the subdirectory without any problem.


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks: Magdi