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    "SOAP Response cannot be decoded" being generated randomly

    megharajdeepak Level 1



      I have a big big problem...... plss help me out.......


      I am calling 3 different SAP webservices from a flex application. The flex application is being called from SAP GUI. A web browser is plugged into the GUI and the flex application link will be passed on to the plugged in browser.


      This application calls separate webservices based on the SAP GUI client number to which user logs on. This is how SAP logon looks like:




      If user logs into client number 100, 110 and 800, those respective webservices endpoints will be called in flex, which will have same structure. Only difference is the data that it fetches. Each client will have separate set of data.


      If I log into any of those clients separately, the flex application just works great. No problems at all. But if I open SAP GUI with all the clients, simultaneously, there is a big problem .... The flex application still works fine, but the thing is the webservice\s return into faultevent of flex RANDOMLY, and give me, "SOAP Response cannot be decoded" message. After sometime, it works again and again it fails and gives me this message. I don't have any particular instance at which this happens, it's just sporadic. I usually used to get this message, if there was any problem with the input parameters that are passed on to the webservice. I cross checked the input parameters too. It's all perfect. I really am not understanding what is going wrong here. Can't we open flex applications simultaneously when it is consuming webservices?