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    Can I transfer site definitions from PC to Mac


      More specifically, I have a registry export of all my site definitions from DW MX 2004 on a PC and I now have DW CS4 on a Mac. The registry export was the recommended way of exporting all sites in DW MX as it was only possible to export one site at a time using the export site tool. So I now have a file containing all my site definitions which I cannot use on a Mac.


      Is there any tool to convert the registry data into .ste files so the sites can be imported on a Mac?

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          370H55V Level 4

          Mac isn't able to read Windows registry files as anything other than text.


          If at all possible, I'd try to find a PC with DW and see if the registry files can be converted to .ste files.


          CS4 on Mac will read the .ste and set all the site preferences.


          I move my sites back and forth between a laptop (PC), a desktop (PC) and my MacBook all the time The easieat way to update my site cache is to reimport the .ste when I replace a site folder.