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    Set gain dips same across all audio


      Hi all, I'm not sure the correct terminology so will try and be clear. My video has a music file and I dip the volume gain where there are speaking parts and return it again afterwards. As this was done manually, the lower level was set in roughly the same place but it's different when I zoom out and look across the whole piece. Is there a way I can set this so that the lower dips are the same for all say -1.3db.


      On the topic of audio.. does video have a default or industry prefered amount of gain ~ ball park?

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          Yes, though it is not automatic. With the Clip Selected, go to Effects Control Panel, and in the mini-Timeline, you should see the Keyframes that you added in the Volume row. You did set this Gain with Keyframes, didn't you? Starting at the head of the Clip, use the Next/Previous Keyframe icon (two arrowheads around a little diamond) to step through your Keyframes. When you get to the ones, that attenuate the Volume, click on the number and type in your choice, say "-16dB), and keep doing this, until you have all of the attenuation and then the "holding" Keyframes, as you ramp back up to 0dB, or whatever baseline you have chosen. Now, all attenuation will match perfectly.


          If you used the Rt-click>Gain adjustment, then you will want to reset that, and use Keyframes.


          Also, note that you can "smooth" out the Keyframing with Ease-Out/Ease-In, or Bezier settings for these Keyframes.


          Good luck, and hope that this helps,