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    Parsing FMS URLs with Tokenization


      I'm building the player on an app that has tokenization implemented on the net connection that looks something like this:


      Net Connection: rtmpe://subdomain.domain.com/vod/?auth=SoMeToKeNkEy&aifp=v001&slist=Video/

      Video: Video/myVideo


      Combined: rtmpe://subdomain.domain.com/vod/?auth=SoMeToKeNkEy&aifp=v001&slist=Video/Video/myVideo


      or more accurately from my SMIL (that I'll probably need to parse)


      Combined in SMIL: rtmpe://subdomain.domain.com/vod/?auth=SoMeToKeNkEy&aifp=v001&slist=Video/<brea k>Video/myVideo


      I've been trying to figure out how to get something like this to play in OSMF. With OVP I was able to provide these guys as two separate values to make the connection, but I haven't seen a good way to do that in OSMF. URLResource only takes one parameter, which would be the combined string. When I try passing it that way, the URL gets improperly broken up at /vod/ instead of after the query. I see that there is/was an FMSURL class, but I haven't figured out how to actually implement it, and even if I do, it still appears to only take the 1 param.


      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!