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    Need Help importing data using PHP to convert it into a single HTML line


      Hi, My names Chance


      I'm a 2nd year web design student and have been assigned a project by my teacher for a charity website

      i found a tutorial of exactly what i need to do but im stuck on creating a script to import  and convert php data

      to a single html line


      heres the link to the tutorial, if you scroll down to the bottom

      where it says

      RSS or XML Data Source

      "The scrolling text can be imported from any source: RSS, XML or any other format.


      For example, if you want to import data using PHP to convert it into a single HTML line to be displayed by the ticker, create a php script to import and convert the data, and include it directly in the DIV tag as follow"


      this is what i need help doing




      i already have the php code that automatically gets stocks from yahoo

      i just need this tutorial so i can stream my php code for my stocks into this html single line scroller



      thank you so much for your time


      if you have any question or answer please email me




      thanks again hope to here from you soon