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    mx:TileList + itemsChangeEffect and filterFunction

    Luis Pedro Ferreira Level 1

      Hi all.

      I can't find a way to work with the itemsChangeEffect of a TileList after an ArrayCollection filterFunction.


      Having the Tile like this:

      <mx:TileList id="products_tileList"
                               columnCount="4" rowCount="3" width="690" height="491"/>


      The itemsChangeEffect:

           <mx:DefaultTileListEffect id="myDTLE" fadeOutDuration="100" fadeInDuration="100" moveDuration="100"/>


      And the filterFunction:

      private function filterArray():void{
           product_display_array.filterFunction = product_display_array_filter;

      private function product_display_array_filter(item:Object):Boolean{
           return item.product_category_id==text_filtrar_categoria.text;


      The array is filtered, the data in the products_tileList is displayed correctely but the items that doesen't correspond th the filterFunction disapear without the itemsChangeEffect effect.


      Am i missing something here?