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    Project won't open

    Jeff Kersh

      I'm using RH8 HTML.  In trying to open a project I work in virtually every day (about 90 MG compiled), all of a sudden the project won't open; the topics appear in the Topic List, but the main screen is blank and I get a constant hourglass that occasionally stops and gives me a cursor, but only for a few seconds.  It becomes an hourglass again, and won't let me do anything.  RoboHelp itself opens fine, and I can open other projects.  All I've done differently was go out of town for 3 days; could it be mad?   In previous versions I've had similar problems and I've had to open the HHP file (I believe), thus losing my TOC.  This project has 2,000 topics; rebuilding the TOC by hand just isn't an acceptable workaround.  The software has been up for about 30 minutes as I type this, and no sign of opening.  Any idea what causes this out of the blue?


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