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    Connecting to a webservice which is on a different port then the wsdl


      I was wondering if it is possible in Flash builder 4 to use a webservice on Port B when the WSDL is hosted on Port A.  I understand that this sounds really silly and it is.  The problem is I need to connect to existing software that can not be modified.  I was able to do this in Flex 3 with some modification to the generated code but I cant seem to do the same thing in Flash builders 4 generated code.


      Sample WSDL url http://server:8080/wsdl/Sample.wsdl

      Sample SOAP url http://server:93/SomeApp.exe/Sample.ASP


      Any advice, I see that there is a soap port property but I havent found much information as to what its value is and how to change it or how to change the port that the webservice call goes out on.