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    OLEDB Connection

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          I am using ES2 trial version. i cannot see the full "drop down list" when i make an oledb connection (Oracle 10g). all i see is the first record. i have read the documentaiton and am wondering if i am missing something. i also tried to add a button to goto next record, but not able to do that also.

      any tips and advise appreciated.


      thanks in advance.

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          pguerett Level 6

          To populate the DD you need to bind the appropriate column in the table to the "Specify Items Values". This link is activated by hitting the little dropdown box at the top right of the image and choosing "Show Dynamic Properties". Once you get the dynamic properties then you can point the Item Text and Item Value to the column that you want.






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            stejpal Level 1


                i tried that, but nothing gives. i see no data in the drop down list now. If i add the db column name in the "default binding" field then I see ONLy the first record. if i dont do this then i see nothing.

            just to confirm, i am opening this form via Reader 9.3.1. Is this a problem?



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              pguerett Level 6

              Yes ...the DB connectivity is native to Acrobat but for Reader users you must Reader Extend using LiveCycle to allow that functionality. Can you download a trial version of Acrobat?



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                stejpal Level 1

                yes, i will do that. thanks for your inputs.