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    Tween properties in CS4


      Hello All,


      I am rusty.  Not using flash for a while. Just installed CS4.

      I was using CS3 and Flash 8 (macromedia).


      I am working on a file that was created in maybe flash cs3 or perhaps flash 8, from another developer.


      It shows tweens on the time line.  The developer created fade tweens, with names like

      "Transform 1" etc.  The fades are on symbols (the developer converted  jpegs to a symbols)

      from 100 percent to 0 percent alpha.  I can see the fade go from 100 to 0, but I am

      unable to see the "alpha" properties when I select the symbol or the tween in the timeline.

      The tween is displayed in the timeline as a line with an arrowhead at the keyframe when the

      visibility goes to zero.  I do not seem to be able to see the properties for the tween, i.e. 100 in keyframe 1, to 0 in keyframe 20.

      No information shows in the CS4 "Motion Editor".


      I created a tween in a layer that I added, and it seems that CS4 no longer show the lines with arrowheads, but

      uses a different color for the tween range.  And I get the motion properties in the "Motion Editor"


      I am sure it is pilot error here.  Since I just installed CS4, etc.  How can I view tween properties, like

      alpha on a symbol created in an earlier version of Flash?


      Thanks for any help,



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          jendehaan Level 4

          Hi there,


          There is a new motion feature in CS4, which is why you can see properties in the motion editor for these new tweens but not the old ones. In CS4, you are able to animate the properties of a single object, whereas in earlier versions of Flash you tween between two instances instead of animating properties of a single object (and as such, the Motion Editor cannot be used for the older style of tweens). So for the classic tweens, you are limited to the way Flash has always worked for those tweens (looking in the PI), and new tweens afford you the usage of the Motion Editor for examining tweened properties.


          For more info on the differences between the two motion models, and migrating between the two, see http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/motion_migration_guide.html.



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            ewholz-mac Level 1

            Hello Jen,


            Thanks for the info.  That is clearing my head!!


            Thanks again,




            now to get going on using CS4.