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    files won't save or put

    Skpope Level 1

      I recently had to replace my harddrive and therefore reloaded Dreamweaver CS3.  Everything looks fine when I open DW - and upon opening, it says I am connected with the server and I can see the files on the server.  I can even open the files, but there are few options available in the pull-downs, and "put" is not available.  Also, when I try to "save" the file, even if I try to save on the local computer, it will not save to the remote site (it says it is not connected) and the location on the local drive that it says it is saving to does not exist (to the best of my very limited knowledge). Another person on a different computer can access and work on the remote site with no problems, so it is not the server.  It must be something about how I set up Dreamweaver upon reinstallation.  Any ideas?  Many thanks, Sandy