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    Weird hand cursor problem

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      I've created a training course using Flash CS4 and AS3. It has an icon panel along the left side and when you click on an icon, and a menu slides out. You click on an item in the menu and the menu slides back in and the content appears on the stage. I have 4 menus sharing one mask. On the main part of the stage, where the content loads, is a small, maybe 1/4" x 1", invisible area where the cursor turns into a hand... this is not supposed to happen. I've narrowed it down to the mask b/c when I move the mask, everything functions fine. I've gone through the file a million times and there is nothing there but the grey graphic symbol I'm using for the mask. Does anyone know why this might be happening?


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          In the content there is probably a button or a URL embedded in a textfield. Thats the only thing that would make flash use the hand cursor in a situation like this. If you have anything that is an actual button, flash will automatically useHandCursor = true. Anyway that's just off the top of my head you'll have to dig around for any textfields with urls or emails in them, buttons or any movieclips that perhaps in the content have buttonMode = true.