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    Clicking "page from template" does not allow me create new pages

    successblazers Level 1


      I stared designing a site with the trial version of CS4. Of course it involved a lot of trial and error, creating a page and canceling it again etc. At last I was able to design the index page and a few other pages, but suddenly just about 7 days into the trial period, the template started looking different; not displaying the images and displaying the home page article in an improper way. I also discovered that I could not create new pages by selecting file\new. When the new document dialogue page opens and I select "page from template" and then select a site I am working on, nothing shows in the items list. I only see the message "no items". Moreover, the "create" (new page) button is no more a click-able area.


      I even tried it by proceeding as if I wanted to design a new site. I click file\new\page from template\the site, but when it comes to the stage where I should select "2 column liquid, left sidebar, header and footer" after clicking “page from template” I don't see anything in the items column. It only tells me "no item."


      I thought this problem was due to the fact that I was using the trial version and that the trial version was limited in the number of new pages I could create. So I bought the full version. Alas! I discovered that changed nothing. Right now am stuck. Do you have any suggestion?