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    Workflow question - HD/SD/Filters

    lchapman66 Level 1

      I have 1080i HDV footage that I'm using as the basis of an SD project.  To start I used

      the AME CS4 to convert all the HDV clips to avi.  I'm doing all my editing with

      the avi clips.  No issues so far with that part of the process.


      As the project progressed I got intolerant of the noise in the footage (from the original HDV) and decided

      to use the Neat Video plug-in.  It also works well except it takes a huge amount of

      time to create previews and render.  So far, the effect is being applied to the converted

      SD clips.


      What I'd like to do is go back and convert the HDV clips to SD again, only this time

      with the plug-in effect applied.  That way I can just do a "replace footage" in the

      project and get the noise-reduced versions of the avi files and avoid any further

      mega-processing incured by the filter.


      What I want is a "batch convert with effect applied" workflow.


      Possible?  Options?