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    Can't find Flash Player location

    Rustiferion Level 1

      I have a flash video file (.FLV) on my desktop.  When I double-click to launch, Windows pops up to ask for a program association, naturally.  But when I browse for Flash Player, it isn't listed.  I could navigate thru Windows Explorer to the file - but I can't find it! (At least, it's not in Windows\System32\Adobe or Macromed - neither of those folders exist).  Control Panel>Uninstall Programs shows both Adobe Flash Player - ActiveX and AFP - Firefox Plugin as being installed - but no location is given.  And Control>Change File Associations does not even list a .FLV file type.


      Where is AFP 10 installed to?  And how can I associate the file type?


      Win 7 Home Prem 64-bit, Dell AMD Quad-core

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          pwillener Level 8

          Flash Player is a web player (browser plugin), not a standalone player.  You should be able to play the file with your browser.

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            Rustiferion Level 1

            So I right-clicked the file, chose Open With..., found and clicked Firefox, got a dialoge box that said "Open With... Adobe Flash Player Helper 10.0 r45 (default)?"  I click on Okay and get... nothing. Blank browser window (untitled). 

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi Rusti, Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash   Your Flash Player files are probably there.







              Hope that helps.




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                Rustiferion Level 1

                Thank you, yes there it is.


                There are two .exe files:




                What's the dif?


                I still can't get that .flv file to open.  Since I'm also having problems opening stuff like YouTube files, there may be a connection.  I seem to constantly get warnings that I need to install the "latest version" of Flash Player, although I have, many times over


                (I should probably mark the question as answered, and start a new thread about the other problem...)

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi Rusti, Thanks. No you don't need to start a new thread, we'll just continue here. Now your Flash files are not complete

                  and what is listed really doesn't matter. The NPSWF indicates you either have FF or "other" browser or have had.

                  Either way, you are going to have to Uninstall and Install.


                  You do know that Adobe Flash Player does not support a 64bit? You need to use the 32bit browser when uninstalling and installing Flash Player.


                  Just so we know what else is involved with FP, using IE go to Tools>Manage add ons and find Shockwave Flash Object..

                  ActiveX Control....Flash10e.ocx and enabled. I'm sure that 10e.ocx is not listed but post back what is listed.


                  Using FF or your other browser and look for SWF plug-in and post back what version is listed.







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                    pwillener Level 8

                    Maybe Adobe Media Player is what you need?

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                      Street-hawk23 Level 1

                      Exactly the same issue...Am trying to open a .swf file with flash player so that I can do a "create projector" and convert it into a .exe file. This is a part of the company presentation file.


                      WIndows 7 (64-bit). I used IE (32 bit) from Syswow and I can see the 2 flash installer and uninstaller exe files in the macromed foldder. I can run flash websites with no issues. I just cant find the player in my "open with" list and program list and associate file list. Where is the player downloaded?


                      It would be great if u cud tell me how u solved it.




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                        Street-hawk23 Level 1

                        Hi eidnolb,


                        I hav the same issue and followed what u hav written. Yes, 10e.ocx is not listed.


                        Same specs:


                        -Windows 7 (64 bit)

                        - Using IE (32-bit)

                        - Downloaded Flash player (10)


                        Trying to open a .swf file in flash player to convert into .exe . But cant find the downloaded player. Not in program list, not in associated file list, not in open with list. But I can find it in Uninstall program list and the installer files in the Macromed folder. And wen i run the installer file, its says successful but i still cant fnd the player.


                        It will be of great help if u could help me solve this.




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                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                          Hi Street-hawk23, If you only have the two Flash files that you have listed, then that is the problem. If you are only using

                          IE8 as your browser, then you need to download the Adobe Uninstaller to your Desktop from here:





                          Then download the Flash Player Installer for Internet Explorer to your Desktop from here:




                          Please read over the Uninstall instructions before beginning and follow them. You must use the Administrator account.


                          The Anti-Virus program that you use and Firewall is important and since you didn't list that, I can't comment. Either one or both can block the install of the ActiveX Control that Flash Player must install. It would be best if you posted back with that information so I can advise you of the best way to have a clean Uninstall and a successful Install of Flash Player.


                          If you have followed this thread then you know you must use the 32bit browser. Using IE, go to Help at the top of your browser and click on About Internet Explorer. If you see x86, then you are using the 32bit browser.


                          Your Flash Player files are located at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash

                          The Shockwave Flash Object...ActiveX Control...Flash10e.ocx(vs10.0.45.2) is in manage add ons (All add ons) and needs to be enabled.


                          Keep in mind that during a clean Uninstall, ALL Flash files will be removed from the Flash folder and the just mentioned ActiveX Control will be as well. Then during the Install, all of the correct Flash files and the ActiveX Control will be installed.


                          Post back your Anti-Virus/Firewall info and if you have any other questions.





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                            Street-hawk23 Level 1

                            Thanks for the reply.


                            I had reformatted the system recently, so still havent uploaded my anti-virus software.


                            I turned off the windows firewall, the primary windows firewall and the windows defender


                            I did the clean uninstall (followed the instructions)


                            Uninstalled, restarted the computer and downloaded the installer from the same link, but its still the same case.


                            Yes, am using Internet Explrer 8 (32 bit) on a 64 bit Windows 7


                            The files in the macromed folder after installion are: Flash10e.ocx, FlashUtil10e, install.txt, Uninstall_activex and the program folder shows Adobe flash player 10 Activex. In the Manage Add ons: only shockwave player is there which is automatically enabled.


                            The issue persists. What do u think is the issue

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                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                              Hi SH, The Windows Firewall will not cause any problem as far as I know with the Installation of Flash Player. For your protection, either leave it on while on line and Installing Flash Player or disconnect from the Internet and then disable it, while offline.  Same thing for Windows Defender. However, if you disconnect from the Internet, then disable it also. Just remember to Enable both FIRST, before re-connecting back to the Internet when finished Installing Flash Player.


                              Now your Flash Files are all correct as installed. Unless you have the Shockwave Flash OBJECT as I described, then that is the problem. The Shockwave Player is a different program(listed in your Programs & Features) and it also has an ActiveX

                              Control in the add ons. However this has nothing to do with the Shockwave Flash Object. This is the ActiveX Control that works with the Flash files. You MUST have this.


                              So that is the issue.


                              Now, for some reason this is not Installing. I am going to list some and you let me know.


                              1. You must be the Administrator, are you? You must use the Administrator Account, this gives you permission to allow

                              Flash Player to install the Shockwave Flash Object which is the ActiveX Control.


                              2. Go to Tools, click on Internet Options and make sure (under the Security Tab) security is set to Medium for Internet Zone. Are you using the Custom Settings for Security?


                              3. Are you using any pop up blocker software or adblock? If so disable it for now.


                              4. Other than Flash Player version, had you installed any other version since reformatting?






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                                Street-hawk23 Level 1

                                1. yes, am the administrator...

                                2. yes, changed from medium-high to medium

                                3. My laptop is too clean now, i dont hav any pop-up blockers.....any hav got it to low now...

                                4. Yes i did have other versions of flash player earlier.....

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                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                  Hi again. thanks for the info. Since you don't seem to have many add ons, etc now, I don't understand why the Shockwave Flash Object is not installing. Are you sure you checked in ALL add ons, "currently loaded", "have been used", etc. . IE 8 puts them in several categories. Can you look at "ActiveX Controls?"



                                  Did you get any message when Installing?


                                  Check in Programs and Features and see if you have a listing of a DLM(download manager) or a getPlus. Sometimes the DLM is used and is supposed to disconnect automatically but does not. If either one of those are listed, then Remove both of them and Reboot your Computer.


                                  You may want to Uninstall again and this time, after the first Uninstall, Reboot. Then Reboot again, followed by the Installer. Be sure to check your system tray and disable any application that uses Flash before Uninstalling.


                                  Something is preventing the install of the ActiveX Control and we need to find out what it is.



                                  If you like, before you Uninstall/Install again, post back all of your IE add ons and I'll take a look at them.







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                                    Street-hawk23 Level 1

                                    U do have immense patience. I know that, bcoz mine'z almost fizzled


                                    Add ons: (after my last update, some info has changed...This is the current one)


                                    Shockwave Flash Object: Enabled
                                    Shockwave ActiveX Control: Enabled

                                    Adobe PDF Link Helper: Enabled
                                    Adobe PDF Reader: Enabled

                                    DLM Control: Enabled:: Publisher: Control name not available

                                    Then some Microsoft Add ons


                                    In between all this I came across Flash player 8 (not adobe) in my Backup files. And I removed it. I tried searching for it and it does not show, so I am assuming, it has been removed.


                                    There was a Adobe download manager, which i uninstalled...Therez no other DLM as of now, but as u see in the add ons, it shows ( so am pretty confused here)


                                    Yeah...also, i have to keep deleting my downloaded files in windows folder, everytime i download.


                                    And no, therz no message while installing. it says successfully installed. I  tried from the site directly and still nothing.


                                    And thanks so much, for all the patience.




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                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                      Hi SH, Don't fizzle out yet! You don't want to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!! Ha-Ha You are making good progress now.


                                      Ok, finally we have Shockwave Flash Object. Check and be sure it is version Now if your Flash files have not changed and this SFO is that version, then you have Flash Player correctly installed.


                                      Be sure to let me know if the Flash files have changed.


                                      Glad you removed the DLM from Programs and Features.


                                      Yes, I see that DLM in the add ons. We want to remove it. I know you can only enable or disable in the add ons with IE8.


                                      Go to Tools, click on Internet Options, look for Settings(in the body of the window, not in the tab section) and click on it, then look for View Objects and click on that. Find that DLM Control, right click on it and if the small window that opens says Remove, Delete, then do it and Reboot your computer.


                                      Post back your results.





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                                        Street-hawk23 Level 1

                                        1. Yes. its the right version...10.45......


                                        2. I actually downloaded the Shockwave player separately, as in....first the adobe flash player and then the Shockwave player (from the adobe website) and then this is what shows on in Add ons


                                        3. When i searched in View Objects: there was jus one .ocwx file, there wasnt any DLM control and wen i further fiddled, i figured its a DLM connected to Microsoft updates. I have been jus able to disable it in add ons. Do u think i should take it off


                                        It was 3 in the morning here yesterday, so had slept off ...Sorry, wasnt able to revert

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                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                          Hi SH, No problem on the reply. Everyone justs posts back according to their Time Zones and when they can.


                                          On that DLM that was in your add ons, I think when you Removed it from Programs and Features, it removed it from the add ons also. The one that you think is related to Microsoft you don't want to remove it or disable it. If you have any more

                                          information on it, just post it. You can't get any info from the Publisher that is listed?


                                          Now that you have confirmed that the Shockwave Flash Object is version and enabled, and we know your Flash files are correct there should not be any problem.


                                          Keep in mind that anytime you Install any program or Uninstall any, always Reboot. This is necessary so the changes take effect. Just a FYI.



                                          Are you still having problems? If so let me know exactly what.



                                          Also let me know what Anti-Virus you are using. Does it have a Firewall? If you have the version number of the Anti-Virus, that would be helpful. Perhaps something is conflicting.





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                                            Street-hawk23 Level 1

                                            There was a Macromedia Flash player 8 in my backup files. That could be the problem...Anyways, I havent figured it out...



                                            But, I did a workaround, I downloaded the complete 40 MB flash player file from the Support page into another laptop and then transferred those files into my laptop and its working. I mite have issues int the future wen doing updates. But as of now its working perfectly.


                                            And once again, thanks a lot for your time and patience for helping me out.