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    Has anyone ever used Cartweaver?

    J Cellini Level 3

      I posted a question like this on the apps forum but never got an answer.


      I am looking for some good shopping cart software and cartweaver looks promising. I am wondering if anyone has used it or if there is other shopping cart software you would recommend.


      I just completed a transfer and redesign of a web site that used Zen Cart. Zen Cart has a lot of problems and the support is not very good. Also, the markup is really bad. I would rather spend a little money to use better software with better support. Any suggestions?

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          370H55V Level 4

          Joomla (can I mention Joomla here) has some shopping cart extensions. I downloaded some, but trying to figure out:

          1. How to install them and

          2. How they work once installed


          was enough to make me throw the whole package in the recycle bin and dump it.


          I've studied up on CW2 and am ready to purchase CW3 PHP next month. I have a client who is finally ready to take online payments and I need to build them a system.


          Once the extensions are installed (pretty easy to do) setting up the actual cart in the site is really no more difficult than adding content to a page at a time.


          The toughest part is setting up the payment process and SSL certificate at that point.


          CW uses PHP, ASP or Coldfusion depending on what you're most comfortable with. I just prefer PHP.

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            J Cellini Level 3

            I am leaning toward cw3, but I haven't had the time to really take a good look at it and to maybe take a look at some others as well. I just finished a shopping cart and I didn't have any problem with the payment process or the SSL certificate. My problems involved add-on modules and the difficulty of getting any help on the Zen cart forum. It wasn't my decision to use Zen cart, someone else designed this site; I transferred the files to my server and redesigned the site.


            If you don't have a SSL cert yet, you may want to take a look at Register.com. They are inexpensive and the features are pretty good. It's really surprising how varied the prices can be, but if you look at the features, a more expensive SSL cert is not necessary better. As far as the payment process goes, my client used Authorized.net and that easy to set up. You may have more difficulty with something like paypal.


            If you buy cw3 and want to share your thoughts with me, please email me through the forums. I will do likewise.

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              martcol Level 4

              JCellini wrote:


              ....If you buy cw3 and want to share your thoughts with me, please email me through the forums. I will do likewise.


              Sorry to but in on this with nothing to say except, I'd be really pleased if you can both manage a bit more discussion here befoe going ott the board?  It's something I am very interested in. I can's say much because I know nothing about it but it the thread goes any further, it could only be good for me!





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                Oli Cartweaver

                Hi J.,


                I am quite sure you will like Cartweaver, and specially the support we provide, since we take it very seriously .


                You might want to visit our newsgroups ( see http://www.cartweaver.com/support/  for more info) ,  where you'll meet other CW users.


                Let me know if you have any questions regarding CW.


                Best regards,


                Oli - oli@cartweaver.com
                Cartweaver Support Team

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                  J Cellini Level 3

                  Hi Oli,


                  It's good to hear that your support is good. I am looking for a better solution for future web sites.


                  I just have couple of questions for now.


                  Dreamweaver has time-saving extensions that are easy to install to make like easier for a web designer. I am wondering if Cartweaver also has extensions or modules that can be added to a web site to make things easier. For example, there is an add-on that I just used in a shopping cart web site: the Place Orders button. This enables the store owner to easily process a phone order. The customer calls in an order, the store owner goes to the customer record, clicks on the Place Orders button and logs in as the customer. Very convenient. Does Cartweaver have a similar feature or are there add-ons like these?


                  The current version of cartweaver is 2. The cowboy from AZ implied that there is a new version coming out soon. Is a new version coming out soon? If so, when? Also, if I buy version 2 is there a free upgrade to future versions?





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                    Oli Cartweaver Level 1

                    Hi ,

                    Cartweaver features a Dreamweaver extensions that makes the cart
                    deployment easy for non-coders.

                    Available plugins are found at https://www.cartweaver.com/store/plug-ins.cfm

                    Currently, there is no "place order" plugin, but you can always use
                    the site as fi you were the actual user.

                    Current version of Cartweaver is CW 3.

                    Hope that helps,


                    Cartweaver Support Team

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                      J Cellini Level 3

                      Well, it looks like it's going to cost a bit extra for the features I am going to need. However, with the cost comes a bit of support and that's worth a lot to me. It saves a great amount of time. I am working on some deadlines right now, but next week I will write a shopping cart software wish list and will take some time to really look into cartweaver. I suspect that I will end purchasing it.


                      Thanks for your help!

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                        Oli Cartweaver Level 1

                        Glad to know I was able to help.


                        Good luck with the project .. and I hope to see you soon as a Cartweaver client.



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                          Horsemad Gilly Level 1

                          Hi J


                          I am where you where last year and trying to work out whether to change to another package like drupal (especially as ICE is finishing) or use cartweaver and wondered how you got on with cartweaver, would welcome your experiences?




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                            J Cellini Level 3





                            I have been very busy lately and I have not purchased Cartweaver yet. I finished the zen cart site a few weeks ago, but I was not happy with the result. My client is happy with the web site, but here are the reasons why I am not pleased and why I would not recommend zen cart:




                            1.  Zen Cart is very rigid and I never got the graphical design I wanted. The HTML markup is not well written and sometimes a selector was there to hang a css rule on. The tool that help me the most was Firebug, which is a Firefox add-on.


                            2.  Zen Cart is based on an Index page, so there is basically only one page for the entire site. Again, there is not much flexibility with Zen cart.


                            3.  I heard that there was good support in the zen cart community. I did not find that to be the case. If you search the forums on a particular topic, you will find many questions that are unanswered. Many of the questions that are answered, are answered insufficiently. You don’t get the support like you get from the Dreamweaver forum. I found 3 pdf training manuals on Zen cart. Two were about creating a zen cart site and one was about applying CSS. All these manuals were a waste of money. (I wasted $60!).


                            4.  Add-ons were a nightmare. If someone came up with an add-on (a “contrib”), they were often buggy and, again, no real support. You can spend hours trying to resolve a problem.




                            The PHP in zen cart works well, so there was no problem with that. But when you create a zen cart site and the original template is used, the site looks hideous, like some amateur designed it. It’s fairly easy to change widths, colors, etc. but to apply some detailed changes was very difficult. There is no way to redesigned the admin area, but you can add your logo to it.




                            The web site I worked on was not originated by me. Four other different web developers worked on the site. So I had a lot of database files I needed to transferred. A lot of these files affected the design. So, it may have been easier to create a zen cart web site from scratch without having to be concerned with transferring files.




                            The bottom line is that I want full control over any web site I create. I don’t have that with Zen cart. My zen cart experience made me leery of all open source shopping carts. If you are going to use an open source shopping cart, make sure that there is some good support. I think there have been a few good books written about Drupal. Check Amazon.




                            What attracts me about Cartweaver is that it’s a Dreamweaver extension. I understand that there is good support. It’s fairly inexpensive. You can get free shopping cart applications like Zen Cart and others, but how valuable is your time? Also, I want to be have complete control over the design of the site. If you are creating a shopping cart and asking people for money, then having a professional design is almost as important as the PHP programming.




                            I know the basics of PHP. Before I do another shopping cart, I want to bone up on more advanced topics of PHP. I am going through Larry Ullman’s PHP and SQL book right now. If you are going to do shopping carts professionally, you should have a fairly good grasp on MySQL and PHP.




                            I would be interested in knowing what you decide. If you get some shopping cart software, let me know how it works out. You can address me on the forum and use the private email feature.





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                              Paevo Kelley Level 2

                              Cartweaver is very flexible and can easily be inserted into any DW design. It is very well supported and the documentation is superb. Worth every penny...

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                                Horsemad Gilly Level 1

                                Hi John


                                I spent quite a lot of time  researching Drupal and Cartweaver,  I got as far as installing Drupal but on trying to use it found  it needed a lot more techincal know how then I currently have,  it did look very good and came very well recommended so I have no doudt that it is a very good open source option however I don't have the time at the moment to spend learning everything that seemed to be needed to adapt the sites enough to what I want, ie setting up multiple domains with it, I can't afford to make and error with my clients sites.  However I will plan to spend more time on it  as I am sure it is worth it, its Content Management looks very good, I have been using the Adobe Incontext Editing and have been very happy with it and so am looking for an alternative.


                                I have a small pet supplies business and embroidery business looking for an entry level ecommerce presence so will start to work on these.


                                I have bitten the bullet and bought Cartweaver and so will start to work with it now, Installation was quick and simple and so far looking good.


                                Thank you for the recomendations on reading and will take note as I need to get to grips with PHP and MYSQL and am currently going through Ben Forta's teach yourself SQL.  I use Lynda.com and they have some good tutorials on the subject of ecommerce  etc.


                                I am bound to be back on the forum with other queries as I progress.



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                                  martcol Level 4

                                  JCellini wrote:

                                  ...bottom line is that I want full control over any web site I create. I don’t have that with Zen cart.


                                  Thanks for posting all that John, and for taking the time.


                                  I found it helpful.



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                                    Oli Cartweaver Level 1

                                    Hi Martin,


                                    If you have any questions regarding Cartweaver, you may also jumpin in our user forums at news://support.cartweaver.com   ( setup info at www.cartweaver.com/support )


                                    I hope you find Cartweaver flexible enough for your future websites.




                                    Cartweaver Support Team