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    Same template, suceeding pages position differently in IE


      I created a very simple template in CS4 w/header and footer, then used it for 10 additional pages.  I set the width for 820 pixels (for goat people who can't afford upgrades!), margins are set to 0.  Everything seems fine, no browser compatibility issues were noted and no errors.  All the pages look good in Firefox and Safari.  In IE, the Home (index) page looks fine, but on all the other pages, the whole page shifts to the left, also causing the navigation bar which is right under the header graphic to be off a little.  I don't understand!  If these pages are all using the same template and the Home page centers, what is happening to the suceeding pages and how do I fix it?  I am a newbie using this software and have struggled to get to this point, so I appreciate any help.  thanks.