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    Using a .Net Component (DLL)

      Here is my situation; I have to connect to some Web Services.

      But I have to send the information Encrypt using a .Net component (in C#) to de Web Service and when comes back I have to use the same Component to Decrypt.

      I am learning Flex but I have 5 years of experience in ColdFusion. I know how to connect CF 8 and the DLL component.

      Is there some way to connect DLL component and Flex, to approach de full features of Flex environment?
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          kcell Level 2
          so welcome on the client side of life

          I don´t think that it is possible cause this would weaken the sandbox where the flashplayer runs in.
          It might work for AIR, cause AIR apps didn´t use the sandbox, but for Flex I would say no way

          But you can use MD5 with this as3corelib

          best regards,
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            aboquin Level 1
            Thanks kcell

            You are right client side

            Yesterday I connect CF 8 and the .Net component; I send and receive with the DLL.

            Today I will try to use a CFC of ColdFusion 8 to send de string to Flex 2, I think this will work but I don’t known if will be so slow.

            What I mean is use CF 8 like Backend

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              kcell Level 2
              Of course you can use a server based solution, but I am not sure if this a secure way of crypt/encrypt a string, cause if you send the string (like a password) to CF as a clear string and receive a crypt string back , which is send as password to something like a asp.net webservice, which used the same dll for decrypting the string.

              Please tell me that you don´t use a similar scenario than the described example, cause it doesn´t make sense if you send a clear string as pw to CF .

              best regards,
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                I use CF8 with .net dll's and Flex as frontend. I call CF8 function that calls .net dll from flex. Works great, any dll you want to call from flex just put it in a cf8 function and call using mx:RemoteObject
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                  kcell Level 2
                  @uott2: Yes, for sure you can do this, but for the example of aboquin it contains some security issues, cause I guess there is a reason why the webservice just take and send crypted information ;)

                  Or am I wrong?

                  best regards,
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                    aboquin Level 1
                    Hey THANKS for your help!

                    Yes kcell your are right!

                    I have to use de DLL component to encrypt the information I send and when I receive the use the DLL to decrypt the information.

                    I receive and send only encrypt information to the Webservice.

                    I will try this weekend, and will tell you how work all this stuff.

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                      blomasky Level 1
                      I have been using JANUS with Flex to connect to a .NET DLL. It works fine and it is fast. (I need speed, since my application connects all of the users to a phone dialer.