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    can't get DNG to work


      I've just installed Adobe DNG converter, and I can get it to convert .nef RAW files to .dng, but then I can't open them with anything.  I am using CS2 presently.  Does DNG work with this version or is it stand alone (or need something else downloaded to work)?  If so, how?

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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

          The DNG converter is a standalone program.  It does not "work with" Photoshop or anything else.  Photoshop CS2 used Camera Raw 3.x, and the last version that was released was version 3.7.  If you have Camera Raw 3.7 installed correctly, then you should be able to see your DNG files in Bridge, and you should be able to open them in camera raw.  Actually, the DNG files should work with any 3.x version of Camera Raw, but you should make sure you have installed 3.7.



          Just one little hint.  If things are not working then you probably do not have Camera Raw installed PROPERLY.  Double check the instructions.  There can only be in one version of the plug-in installed, and it must be in specific directory or folder.  All other versions of the plug-in must be removed.

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            jbirdfl Level 1

            If DNG is stand alone, why do I need Photoshop, Bridge, or any other program (or is it just the conversion that is stand alone)?  I have successfully converted .nef to .dng and saved them in a folder on my desktop (not in "bridge").  Bottom line:  What do I need on my computer to edit .dng images?  (I am using Windows XP and Windows 7 with CS2)


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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

              DNG is just a file container that "standardizes" your raw image data.  All of the raw image data is still there, unchanged.  The DNG file is a stand-alone image file just the same as a JPEG or any other file type.  But raw images have to be processed or "developed" in order to be used.  Since you are using Photoshop CS2, the raw image data has to be processed and saved to a different file format, either a JPEG, PSD or TIF.  And that is the file that is processed in Photoshop.  The DNG converter simply takes the raw image and puts the image data into the DNG container file.  But it still has to be processed.  And that is what Camera Raw is for.


              Although there are more programs that are beginning to support DNG and other raw file formats, the file is really need to be processed and copies saved to other standard formats in order to make them universally available to other users.


              When I said that the DNG converter does not "work with" Photoshop, I was talking about the DNG converter program itself, not the resulting DNG file.  The converter is not a plug-in, but rather a stand-alone program.  It converts your raw images to a DNG format, that will enable you to work with your raw image data with multiple versions of Photoshop.

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                jbirdfl Level 1

                Ah, thank you.  That filled in the missing link.  I need to convert it (again) into a format that my editing software recognizes.  Guess I better buy some more memory to handle those huge .tif files!