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    Why won't text and graphics line up in adobe premiere?


      Hey, I have been out of the editing thing for about 8 years now. I recently needed to make a video for another business I run.

      Anway, I am using animated / still graphics and the basic text titles that come with premiere. I see that the graphics line up correctly behind the text in the Previews Folder. When I render it, the text has shifted down completely. Also, the text and graphics look horrible after it's rendered, very pixelated. I used to be a pro at this stuff and in fact, I would use flash to import my animated graphics. But it seems that doesn't work anymore either. (That would probably solve this problem too). Anyone know why this is taking place in the final render??


      I would much rather you ask the questions before i post all sorts of unnecessary info.


      Premiere Pro 1.5.1