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    why there is no value in the combobox itemrenderer ??!!

    asaad970 Level 1

      I use this code for rendering an item in dataGrid and its working fine

      but whin i retrive the data in the datagrid there is data presinting the current value of the field

      but i can see the combo box list of data lebels and i can select thim and i think if i want to save or update

      it works

      i am really dont know please help my code is


      <mx1:DataGridColumn headerText="From_Name" dataField="From_Name"/>
                      <mx1:DataGridColumn headerText="Est_Mandob" dataField="Est_Mandob" width="150"
                                          rendererIsEditor="true" editorDataField="selectedItem.User_Name">
                                      <mx1:ComboBox x="58" y="0" editable="true"
                                                    labelField="User_Name" >



      please Help