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    mapping image objects

    Saritha S



      I have an image gallery application, i want to map some objects inside  each image,then mouseover it , a small popup of that object opens.,

      suppose if it is a picture of a big room, inside that so many items.say  sofa,char ,table,bed...etc....want to map each item and when we click on that, description window of that particular item opens as a small popup....

      Is there any way to do this  application....

      is there any way to do mapping or tagging an image  in flex..??any techniquess...??.

      does any body knows..please reply mee..





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          FTQuest Level 3

          I believe you posted this question before, and I gave you the working solution:

          draw empty graphic primitives - like rectangle - over particular area of your image. 'Empty' means that you don't specify fill or stroke; place this rect in a Group, give the Group an ID and that is it. You can listen to any mouse events when you hover or click this rect.