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    DW no longer recognizes my site after HD crash and restore.  How 2 Fix?


      My Mac hard drive crashed with a fairly large website on it that I made in DW CS4.  My entire drive was backed up before this happened.  My repair guy completely re-imaged the new drive as an exact copy of the crashed one.  Dreamweaver runs just like before, but it no longer recognizes the root folder that has the website in it.  The site folder is right there in my "Documents" folder the same as it alway was.  Dreamweaver just cant see it now for some reason.  I try to open something from that site and Dreamweaver says that it's in  a folder that does not exist.   Yet it right there where it always was.  Somehow that root folder has become invisible to Dreamweaver.  I tested that folder outside of DW and there is nothing wrong that I can find; the files open outside of DW.  Dreamweaver just can't see it.


      The funny thing about it is that DW can see the other, smaller websites in the same "Documents" folder.  It just cant see the site root folder I really need.


      Anyone have any ideas about that?  I am stumped.  Thanks, Mike