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    How to print a PDF document as a Booklet?


      I have downloaded a User Guide as a PDF File. It contains 68 pages and I hope to print it as a Booklet, using both sides of each A4 sheet of paper.

      My attempts at this have not so far been successful.


      My best attempt has been to see, for example, page 67 on the left end of a landscape sheet, and page 5 on the right.

      the next sheet prints with page 7 on the left end and page 65 on the right.

      The following sheet prints page 63 on the left end and page 9 on the right.

      I would expect to see (at least) page 5, 7 and 9 on one end of successive sheets and 67, 65 and 63 on the opposite ends.

      This is before I try to turn the printed sheets over and print the other pages.


      My "Print" Menu pop-up form offers me "Print Range" - I selected ALL, with "Subset" Odd Pages only,
      and then in "Page Scaling" - I selected "Booklet Printing" - but for "Booklet Subset" I am unable to decide on which choice to take out of "Both Sides", "Front side only" or "Back Side only".

      I cannot actually remember which choice I made!


      Is there anyone who can help me, please?