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    Fading in and out

    Rob905 Level 1

      I created another project that has the Fade in on the first slide and fade out on the last slide turned on.

      During the making of the project I turned off every transition I could find, from the imported image to the highlight boxes that I used and I can't find where to turn off this Fade in and out.

      It's not bad that it fades in at the beginning but then everytime you select something that takes you back to the first slide it fades in again.

      If you select the last slide (Advanced) and don't do anything it fades to black and then you have to use the browser back button to get control again.

      How can turn off this final transition?

      This project is currently viewable at:







      ps. No dating requests plz.


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Think you are using CP4? Two ways to deactivate the fading at Start/End:

          • open Edit, Preferences
          • in section Project, go to tab 'Start and End'
          • there you'll find how to turn off 'Fade in on first slide' and 'Fade in on last slide'



          • show the Advanced toolbar (Window, Toolbars); I always have it on - in Edit view
          • the third icon (filmslide-like) gets you immediately to the tab 'Start and End'




          PS: everyone got the spam, it is reported, but I can reassure you that it is very rare, first time since I got on the forum (Feb 2009)

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            Rob905 Level 1

            Thanks for the speedy reply again.


            I was on that settings page a few times, don't know how I missed it. LOL


            That did the trick and I appreciate the help.


            As you may have noticed I'm converting that site to Flash and found Captivate to be exactly what I need.

            Do you have any suggestions for the pages that have links on them or just keep them as they are?




            PS I found it odd also that I received a pvt message from someone who wanted to know more about me. LOL