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    Some files become 0 KB when a get latest is done from RoboSource




      Now whenever I do a get latest from RoboSource, some or all of the files become 0KB both in local and in the server. History of the all these files are also lost.


      What could be the problem?


      I have placed my online help in RoboSource Control Server that came with RH 7.

      I have recently upgraded client from RH7 to RH8. I am using the Source Control Explorer that has come with RH8 but using the Source Control Server that has come with RH7.


      Is this a compatibility issue?




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I know that RH8 is not compatible with RoboServer 7 so it could well be a compatibility issue. I cannot say for sure though that is the cause of this problem.


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            johndaigle Level 4

            Hi Saj and Peter. The word "server" may be confusing the issue here. If I'm not mistaken, Saj is not using RoboHelp Server. Rather, it's RoboSource Control "Server". If that's the case, there was no change in the version of RoboSource Control between RH 7 and RH 8.

            Both are RoboSource Control 3.1 so there should be no compatibility problem there.


            However, I wonder if there is an issue of how Saj initially upgraded the RH 7 project that was in RSC in RH 8 so that all the project files become compatible with the new RH 8 file formats? Did he open the entire project, so that it could be converted at once, or was it piecemeal? Also, Saj, have you made sure to install all the latest critical updates (8.0.1 and 8.0.2)?



            I only rarely use RSC, so rather than my speculating, perhaps Peter could move this post to the Source Control sub-Forum and let folks like Gravenstein, Elisa, MergeThis, take a look at it and offer some suggestions for best practices when upgrading from RH 7 to RH 8 when using RSC.


            Meanwhile, I found this post by Amebr which speaks (somewhat) to the issue of upgrading which you may find useful.


            It's post #9  toward the bottom of the thread.