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    APDiv Behavior Trigger w/Variable Help Needed :D


      I have these dropdown menus for paypal buttons I created on paypal, and I have like 10 options for everything on my site, I kinda wanted to trigger an APDiv unhide behavior for each menu part you rollover, is the best way to have the rollover hide the other 9 as it unhides the current menu cell, or can it track which one of the 10 was previously unhidden and intelligently hide just that one? I am thinking you can set a variable global to the apdivs associated with that set of menu cells to track the currently unhidden one, and then the next one you rollover simply reads what the previously unhidden one was and hides it before replacing itself into that variable and unhiding itself? What is the way to go about it? Now to close it once done with the menu selections (hide the currently open and not open a new one), either click on it, or have it go away once the dropdown menu becomes unextended again, can a dropdown menu becoming retracted again trigger any kind of useable action (or set any kind of varbiable)?   






      (also if there is an already made behavior in CS4 or for download that will hide the previously unhidden APDiv in the document I would like to find it, but understanding the format for setting and using this kind of variable to trigger an action based on any random event is something I want to learn)