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    Automated results



      I'm using dreamwever, i'm making a gaming site,

      Does anybody know how i can get an

      automated verification system for xbox 360 games.

      I've tried doing a search but i can't find any answers.

      What this does is retrieve stats form game servers

      to verify the actual results from games played


      My site is for xbox 360 gamers only,

      this can be done as other sites do the same thing

      and they explain the process on there FAQ section

      as i've pretty much said above.

      Or is there another name for it that i don't know?


      Thank you in advance


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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have a link to the FAQ section where it is explained?  That would help a lot in explaining what would need to be done.


          More than likely you are probably going to grabbing at XML files and using XSLT documents to format the data and then placing the XSLT document in your HTML document so that the browser displays it as HTML.

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            LonelyDead Level 1

            It's at link

            All i can find is information about the patent,,

            and in thhe patent it mentions worldgaming.com

            so maybe the tech belongs to them.

            I don't know if there is other ways to do it.

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              World Gaming does not control the data.  You need to be looking for this information from Microsoft and/or their licensed developers.  They are the ones who allow access to the information.  This company "World Gaming" did just that.

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