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    CS4 Premiere Pro Clips Won't Play in Source Monitor/Program Monitor


      I can't get clips to play in source monitor/program monitor/preview pane in Pr Pro.  I have spent hours looking through the forums to try and find a fix and I have troubleshot the following.....


      1. Codecs are not broken... or seem to be working according to Sherlock

      2. Video and audio drivers up to date

      3. Unistalled and re-install Pr Pro then updated via updater


      Here is the funny thing...

      In Encore, OnLocation, and other Suite program the play functionality works just fine....the only one it doesn't is Pr Pro.



      Is the source code to playback video in Pr different then the other suite programs or am I just making a trivial mistake in Pr?


      Sorry for the novice question but I am about to give up and have no where to turn.


      Hardware Specs

      CPU 3.6 GHz

      HD 1TB 7200 RPM

      RAM 2 MB (is this my issue?)

      Video: Open GL