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    Pdf's that will open in XP will not in Vista?


      So I am thoroughly confused. I recently purchased an interactive CD that contains scannned in aoutomotvie user manuals and cannot open the Pdf's contained on it using Vista 64-Bit.


      My cousin has XP home premium and they open up fine. We both have Reader 9 installed. I can open up all other Pdf's just fine. In fact I have never not been been able too on my Vista machine.


      Doe anyone have any idea why Reader 9 on XP would work with these pdfs but not on Vista?


      ps. the Vista error I get when I try to open them says that "..it's not a supported file type or becasue the file has been damaged" Obvioulsy it is and hasn't if the XP machine can view it.

      Thanks for you input guys!