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    Localization Bundles headache


      Hi you guys,

      I'm sure this question might have been answered already, but I have been sitting with this around the clock for three days straight, and I believe that my head will explode if I don't take a break from it for some time.


      My issue is that I'm trying to compile properties files into my Flex application, and the bundles just don't seem to get there.


      I'm using:

      * Eclipse 3.4.2

      * Flex Builder Beta 2 Version 4.0 Build (253292)


      I have added the locale path to the source path tab like so (the locale folder is placed in my src folder not in the project root):



      I added the following command-line arguments (where application is the name of my .properties files).


      -locale=en_US,sv_SE -allow-source-path-overlap=true -include-resource-bundles=application


      Still when I try to access the bundle it returns null. I might be blind, but I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong.


      Any help, pointers, or tips would result in my life long appreciation. =)


      Thanks in advance!