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    Loading files at URLs with Timeout Objects

      I have a server-based Lingo program that allows the user to use arrow keys to move through a 3-D space.
      Most of the 3D setup and arrow key management is handled in a single movie script.

      However, at differing intervals, I am using timeout objects to trigger the loading and playing of audio files, and the loading of jpeg files from a URL (the URL is within the same domain as the program). However, for loading reasons, I have to use a series of frame scripts each time I want to load an online file.

      So, in the movie script, I have timeout objects that periodically send out requests to load files. These requests go to a frame script, and at the end the script are sent to the next in line, until the file is preloaded, loaded into the specified cast member member, and played. This takes about 4 frame scripts, that need to be on separate frames.

      I'm passing URL file paths and cast member names as variables from the calling script to my frame script series that uses them. But what should I do when I get to the end of the frame script series? Just have "end" at the bottom of the script? Or should I send the program back to the movie script (I'm not sure that this last possibility makes sense)?

      The idea, of course, is that after a file loads, other timers will go off at unanticipated intervals, sending new requests to the frame script series to load new files. This should continue until the user quits the program.

      Thanks for all help.