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    Gallery Show - All work done in Illustrator

    Mgrills Level 1

      I have always thought that illustrator was one of the greatest  programs made for artists. When transparency was added I switched over  entirely from my other graphics programs so that I could do my art the  way I wanted.


      I finally was able to put together a show  up in Calgary Alberta called Interesting People. All the portraits are  done %100 in Illustrator CS4. I'm hoping that the community here will be  interested in it.


      The Videos on You Tube and on  the website were made possible by a collaborater on the Scripting  Forums. He made a script that allowed me to reveal each and every  stroke. These will be displayed on large format screens beside the  canvases at the Gallery.


      http://www.idrawinterestingpeople.com  to check it out.

      http://www.youtube.com/user/michaelgrills for  the videos.


      I really hope this inspires conversation  about the future of digital art and where we can take it.


      Also if there is a better place for me to post this info without being a spammer then please let me know.