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    lost layers and memory


      I've been using Illustrator 9 for a few years and suddenly it started have out of memory problems

      and the layers pallete was gone.and  F7 and clicking on the menu drop down didn't help. 


      I bought 10 upgrade, removed 9, installed the upgrade and used the 9 disk to validate.  Eveything was fine except this morning, I got an out of memory message, (I have 2 gig and 6gig virtual) on a Windows PC with XP. I restarted to fix than then this afgernoon, the layers pallete was gone and I couldn't get it back...just gone.  I used the 10 disk to "repair" and layers are back up now the actions pallette is connect to the layers palette.  Esentially 10 is working like 9.  I read the forum post on the layer issue, and someone had responded faq2.  OK, that s great,  where do I find that.


      Anyway, any suggestions as to how to fix these two problems would be appreciated