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    Flash player crashes all the time


      Hey there


      I was interested in chatroulette.com so i visited the site, but when i am connecting to the site my browser crashes all the time. Firefox says something about doing illegal operations with shockwave flash and chrome says that the flash player is causing the browser to crash. I've uninstalld and installd the flash player like a dozen times but it still keeps crashing.
      Please, help me.

      What do i need to do?

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          Erphonage Level 1

          P.S. I think the crash is due to the use of a webcam, since i dont have problems with flash on other sites

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            Erphonage Level 1

            I have also updated my video card, so that's not the problem..

            Please help me

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              Erphonage Level 1

              Please, help me!

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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Hi, Always post your operating system and any service packs installed if applicable. Also the anti-virus/spyware program


                and does it include a Firewall.


                You can check your Flash files by going to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash.  Right click on the Flash folder and post back all files listed there. The IE files will indicate the version number. However the FF (other browsers) NPSWF32.dll

                and NPSWF_32FlashUtil.exe will not. You need to right click on those, then click on Properties to obtain the version numbers.


                Using IE, go to manage add ons and find Shockwave Flash Object...ActiveX Control...Flash10e.ocx (version

                and make sure it is enabled.  If any other version is listed, I need to know that.


                Using FF, find the SWF vs plug-in and make sure it is enabled. If any other version is listed or if there is another

                SWF listed, I need to know that also.






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                  Erphonage Level 1

                  I am running Windows XP and as far as I know no service packs. My firewall is McAfee Firewall Plus. Etrust EZ antivirus is my antivirus program.


                  In my C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash folder there are 8 files:










                  I cannot find the addons pages but since Firefox tells me Flash operates illegal actions i think it is enabled. I prefer Firefox.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Thanks. All of your Flash Player files are correct for IE, FF and other browsers. You didn't say what version of IE you are using, but look for Tools>Manage Add ons or All add ons. The Shockwave Flash Object would be listed there. Since all of

                    Flash files are correct and you have no problem on other sites, then you probably have the correct SFO as well. If you didn't you would be having problems on all sites, not just one.


                    The message you receive from Firefox, I have no idea. You could contact Firefox on that issue.


                    My opinion is that since you have the correct Flash Player files installed, that the problem is with the website. You can

                    contact the website for a possible solution. Sometimes websites do not update when Adobe Flash Player issues an update.


                    Hope this helps, at least you know it is not your computer nor Flash Player.






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                      Erphonage Level 1

                      Hey, i found this version in my internet explorer:


             Shockwave flash object
             Adobe acrobat control for active x
             acrolEHlprObj Class


                      All are active. I think it is not the website, because other website's using flash and webcams crash also. For example Omegle.com crashes too (i think due to use of webcam).

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi, Your version of the Shockwave Flash Object is correct. The Flash files for IE and the SFO are all correct. I really don't

                        know of anything more that is Flash Player related that you could do. Most problems are that the files are not correct or

                        old files installed or the SFO. Yours are all correct so there is no reason that IE is not working properly where Flash Player

                        is concerned.


                        I am not familiar with webcams so can't help you there. Perhaps the Flash forum would be of help. Or perhaps doing a search regarding webcams and possible problems.



                        This is all I'm able to suggest for you.






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                          I am running Firefox 7.1 and have had Adobe Flash repeatedly crash when trying to view videos on comcast.net and cbs.com.  I have updated Adobe Flash to the latest version (according to the Adobe site) and yet the crashes continue.  I need help. 


                          I am running Mac 10.7.1.  Firefox 7.1  Adobe Flash 10.3.`83.10

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                            pwillener MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Please start a new topic with all the details, instead of resurrecting a 1½ year old Windows topic.