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    Why can't I extend Container and then use Canvas/Panel in implementing classes?

    rickcr Level 1

      I have several components that I'm dynamically adding to a component by building it from a class name...


      var pmt:Prompt = UiHelper.instantiateUsingClassName(pxml.@guiPromptName.toString());

      myLayout.addChild(pmt as DisplayObject);


      I want all my components to extend "Prompt" in a generic way so that in each implementing class I can use Canvas, Panel, etc.


      I thought I could just make Prompt extend Container but they won't show up if I use Container, even if in my implementing Prompt components I use a Panel or Canvas.


      However, if i change the base Prompt class to extend Canvas, then things show up... but that seems annoying to 'have' to use a Canvas as my base class object? Is there another type of object I should be extending?