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    Gradient problem


      First time I have had this problem and was wondering if anyone had any wise words of advice.


      I have a footer on a site that is only 150pxH I want the footer black with ever such a slight highlight in the middle so am trying to apply a radial gradient.

      The colour of the gradient is only slightly off the original colour of black, a very dark gray.

      No matter what I do when it is on the webpage you can see the bands of colour going from light to dark. Spent far to long messing with this and was wondering of this problem is due to the colours being so close to each other or am I doing something wrong.


      Any thoughts?


      Thank you.

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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          export the image as a jpg. Make a thin slice, set jpg settings, use preview to see it. export


          In Dreamweaver apply to footer as a CSS background, repeat. if need help with css just ask


          Sorry for so short a description, hand in cast :-)

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            Jim_Babbage Level 4

            You will get this sometimes, even with jpegs in FW, because FW doesn't dither the gradient. You might have better luck with a PNG 24, sliced thin as Joyce suggested


            Jim Babbage

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              pixlor Level 4

              You can also try adding a tiny bit of noise. Add a rectangle above everything else, add noise to it (look under the Filter menu, I think), then play with opacity and blending modes till you get just a little bit of randomness to your image.

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                Pete-1967 Level 1

                Hi there,


                Thanks for that, didn't think about using a slice and then using as a CCS background and repeating.

                That wouldn't work on what I was doing originally as I wanted the highlight to be curved, to give a spotlight type highlight.


                I have done this loads of times on other sites but with colour and never had this problem.


                Anyway, I use repeating slices all the time for page backgrounds etc so no prob there.


                Clearly what I want isn't working with black and grays and have tried everything form jpeg to png24 so will do as a slice like you suggest and just live with the fact it isn't quite what I wanted.


                Thanks guys ;-)