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    Steps in using Preloader


      I am VERY new to capitvate. I want to had a loading message for big videos so users dont think that there is something wrong. I simply went to preferences, selected start and end, checked preloader, then selected a file from the AS2 directory. Is it as simple as that? No preloader is showing up when I run the SWF file. Is there some code involved? I also tried using a file from the AS3 directory. No matter what I select I don't see the preloader graphic. THANKS for any help.

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          Hi there


          I don't believe the preloader works if you just open the SWF. I believe you must open the SWF by opening the HTML page Captivate creates for you.


          Cheers... Rick



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            One reason why you don't see the preloader could also be that you are running the project locally and therefore it loads so quick that the preloader doesn't show. The only way you would see a preloader is to put your project on the web - either an LMS or a regular webserver.



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              techy kate

              Hi Rick,


              I know this is an old thread, but I'm hoping you (or someone else with the answer) will still see it so I can avoid starting a new thread when I have the same question.


              I am trying to use a preloader, but the way our system is set up, we only use the swf.  Basically, we have links to the swf files within a topic in AuthorIT.  The swf files are located on a server.  Is there any way to use the preloader with the way our system is set up?  I am using Captivate 4. I have a really large tutorial that is split up into many small sections that are kind of daisy-chained together.  At the end of each section, I have two link options that will allow the user to open a new project.  The links work great... but they don't appear to work because the screen is blank while the videos are loading.  I'm concerned that users will think the link is broken and not wait for it to download.


              Any suggestions on how I can get the preloader to work?


              Another setup we have tried is linking to the htm file (also placed on our server).  This allowed us to embed the captivate video into the frame of the AuthorIT topic, but the preloader didn't work at that point either.