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    Exporting SWF diminishes quality of movie clip


      Im working on a Dragonball Z MMO. things are goin great so far utilizing Flash PHP and MySQL. but thats not the issue right now.


      Im running tests of the battle system. i have the enemy set up as Mr. Popo (character from the series) The quality of the sprite appears great and in good color.


      however, when i compile everything into the final .swf, the movie clip appears diminished, discolored, and just really crappy looking.


      popo.PNG good pre-compiled version


      popo2.PNG crappy looking .swf running version >:(


      it only happens to this movie clip in particular, any insite would be grossly appricated.

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          DigitalArchitectCanada Level 3

          Check your export settings go to FIle -> publish settings. Check the slider for image compression/image quality. Should be at 80% by default. Also right click on that image (for that character) in the library and click properties. There should be 2 radio buttons where you can set the quality of the image. If you enter a value and press test, it will show you a preview in that window of what the image looks like at that quality. Let me know if this fixes ur problem.