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    Incredibly slow please help




      I've got nice template here bought by my friend, he want me to change couple things but nothing to complicated. It's just a simple nice animated flash portfolio website. I used flash long time ago but forgot almost everything so its good to treat me as a noob. My problem is speed basically. Installed Adobe Flash CS4 trail on my WinXP and Win7 with other components. When i open fla file everything slows down so much that i can't edit anything. fla file weight 126 megabytes, got almost 600 files in library, uses couple different fonts styles. Loading takes more than 3 minutes, when its loaded up i open library to edit simplest thing and nothing, its loading, loading, loading, loading and loading. After 5-10 minutes it's loaded but it's impossible to work in that speed. What is the problem and what i can do to make it run faster. My specs are: Quad core 4 gb of ram and decent graphic card, hard drives in raid 0 and a lot of free space. Systems are new, installed 2 months ago. Any ideas what is the problem? Template is overloaded ? poorly coded? I'm doing something wrong? Greatly appreciate any help in this matter because I'm out of ideas how to fix this problem.


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          DigitalArchitectCanada Level 3

          Wow... 128 meg FLA file. You ever uncompressed a 128 meg zip file? That's why it's slow as it is. A FLA is somewhat similar to a zip. Try cutting down the number of assets in the library. I have no idea what's in there that would be that big.. probably video. If so export it get it externalized then delete the assets from the library, same with sound try to as well with images if you can. That's about all I can suggest any computer would have a rough time with that just because it's flash. I have a ridiculous i7 machine I can guarantee it would run slow there too. Anyway sorry I don't have a better answer



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            mrtom82 Level 1

            Yes there is many high quality photos and couple videos as well. I will try to cut it. I just wonder how author put all data inside? Is that poor coded template if you can "maybe" edit it on hi end PC without great slowdowns? Not everyone have hi end PCs to put there little portfolio website with great professional feel that flash can offer. I hope it will work, thanks! Any other ideas? What's the maximum Fla size for comfortable work on medium PC? Or what fla size i should aim for?

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              DigitalArchitectCanada Level 3

              Honestly I can't really say for sure what good file sizes are. All I can suggest is to avoid issues like this, try to keep large images (pictures etc) external as well as video and sound. What bogs down the IDE is that, like I said the FLA acts like a zip. So working with the files inside the zip is kind of like constantly compressing/uncompressing all that data. So just try to keep the internal files down to basic user interface elements and try to dynamically load in everything else.