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    HELP with poorly developed template


      I am somewhat new to flash.  We recently purchased a flash XML web template that we are having performace issue with.   I noticed that it used a fair amount of procesor even when idle.   Upon further examination we discovered that it appears to be in some kind of redraw loop (using Show Redraw Regions).    This appears to be dragging overall performace down, as well as using 10-40% of the processor.   I need some guidance as to how to find the process (or processes) causing this issue to elliminate it.     Thanks in advance

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          The code is the process that will fire the app and the player, no way to tell without a line by line debug. It is common however if there are looping scenes for the code to continue to run and use processor resources, it is a graphical interface, so processor usage is relative to many variables, OS other progs and processes running, ram, physical memory allocation, priority allocation, display drivers, graphics cards etc, etc.


          Flash templates are notorious for all sorts of problems. Check the documentation of the template if you were fortunate enough to get one with docs, and or check the actionscript within the .fla if again you were fortunate enough to get one done well enough with good commenting in the code.