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    Color Table panel and enhancements

    tjhb Level 1

      Suggested feature improvements for the Photoshop Color Table:


      (1) Expose the Color Table as as a panel, much like the Swatches or Styles panel.


      (2) For any colour in the Table, I would like to be able to select all pixels in the image having that colour, by Control-clicking on the swatch in the table. Control-Shift-clicking should add to the current selection, Control-Alt-clicking should subtract, and Control-Alt-Shift-clicking should intersect with the current selection (in the usual way).


      (The current sequence for selecting the pixels for a colour channel is: Open the Color Table dialog, activate the Table's eyedropper tool, click on a swatch to make that colour channel invisible, close the Table, Control-click on the thumbnail in the Layers panel to select all visible pixels, and invert the selection; then reopen the Color Table to making the colour channel visible again.)


      (3) I would like to be able to drag a swatch from the Colour Table to the Channels panel, to create a new channel showing all the pixels in the image having the colour for the swatch. (And Alt-drag to show the options dialog for the result.)


      (4) I would like to see the options for the Color Table exposed in the Preset Manager.


      (5) It would also be nice to have to bug fixed, whereby hovering over a swatch in the Color Table presents information for the wrong swatch in the Info panel. (It gives information for the swatch immediately down and to the right of the swatch beneath the cursor).