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    Indexed colour: multiple layers, one Color Table per layer


      Currently, an Indexed colour image can have just one layer.


      I would like to see this mode extended to allow multiple layers, with one Color Table per layer.


      The colour table could be indicated by a small multi-coloured icon either to the right of the Mask thumbnail (if there's room!), or indented and below the layer (much like layer effects).


      By default, a newly created layer should inherit the Color Table of the active layer.


      It should be possible to alt-drag a Color Table from one layer to another, which would have the same effect as if (now) you opened the Color Table dialog and loaded a custom Color Table from an .act file. Because this can introduce such radical changes to colour, Alt-dragging a Color Table should throw up a warning/confirmation dialog.


      It should also be possible to lock the Color Table for a layer.


      This suggestion is related to the suggestions in the thread Color Table pane and enhancements. (A Color Table pane would be a practical necessity if Color Tables became available per layer.)